Which Car Should You Rent For Your Trip

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Which Car Should You Rent For Your Trip?

Have You Ever Wondering, Which Car Should You Rent For Your Trip? Whenever we take a ride on road trips and we have to stay on the road many times. This road trips is a series of challenges and also opportunities to you. Thus, a suitable car should be rent fo for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Which Car Should You Rent For Your Trip? Here are some things to keep in mind while planning.

Knowing Where Do You Want To Go

Knowing where you want to go is an advantage for you to choose which car should you rent for your trip. Sometimes your car rental provider will ask you where you want to go before suggesting the suitable car for your trip.

Below are some of cars categories you might to consider based on your destination in Sabah.

  1. Mini Car
     Budget Car Rental and suitable for a solo ride or short trips.
  2. Sedan Car
    – Suitable for a small group with luggage.
  3. MPV & SUV Car
    – Looking for adventures trip with terrain and rough roads.
  4. 4WD Car
    – Suitable for off-road trips especially to the inland area.
  5. Luxury Car
    – Cater for various events or for luxury rides.
  6. Van
    – Traveling a longer journey with larger groups and luggage.

Prepare Your Travel Details

Once you booked your flight to your destination, you should book your car rental with extra time prior to your estimated time arrival (ETA) and departure (ETD).  Don’t forget to inform your flight number and airline to your car rental provider. This will ease your car rental provider when any delay happens that can affects your schedule. Basically, you should give some information to your car rental provider during your booking including:

  • Car Type/ Model
  • Pickup Date, Time and Location
  • Dropoff Date, Time and Location

Drive Safely To Your Destination

Drive safely with your chosen car rental. If you are not very familiar with the roads to your destination you should prepare a GPS. Some cars are provided with the GPS and some are not. You may ask your car rental provider if you need a GPS. GPS can help you to navigate to your destination safely. But beware, you might get distracted by GPS if you are a beginner!

Travel & Ride with KK Leisure Tour & Rent A Car Sdn Bhd
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